Can’t start a fire without a spark.

At least that’s what Bruce Springsteen says.

While a spark can start a fire, it’s not the only way. Heat from any source will cause something to ignite once beyond its auto-ignition temperature. However, using a spark is definitely the coolest and most efficient method of igniting fuel.

We’re bringing the latest spark based ignition technology to handheld flamethrowers.

Our arc ignition system produces extremely high voltage with some oomph behind it, generating high frequency pulses of electricity between the electrodes, resulting in reliable and instantaneous fuel ignition.

The system was designed from the ground up to support the demands of flamethrower use, and endurance tested for long term durability.

There’s no pilot torch with an open flame on our products. You don’t need to search store after store for the right butane canister, nor do you need to worry about having a pressurized fuel tank leaking or getting damaged during operation.

Arc ignition is truly an on-demand experience, allowing for safer use by professionals in the field or casual users simply lighting the burn piles at home. When the system power is on, pressing the trigger button at the rear handle will not only activate the high pressure fuel pump, but will generate the high voltage arc above the fuel stream, easily igniting gasoline and gas-diesel mixtures.

A few images showcasing various prototypes throughout development.