Important notice: Click here to view a special notice specific to Pulsefire LRT units with serial numbers below 900.




Pulsefire LRT: Instructions

The unboxing is outdated (much nicer packaging now) but the core concepts remain the same. The LRT looks more streamlined now, and has a flip-up safety cover on the trigger switch.

Pulsefire Backpack Kit: Instructions

We have much nicer packaging now, but the core concepts remain the same. However, please refer to the latest user manual for important notes regarding the fittings.

NEW: Pulsefire Backpack Kit: Installation Notes

Important notes regarding the backpack kit. We’ll be updating the main video soon, but in the meantime, be sure to watch this before installing your backpack kit.

Pulsefire LRT: Electrode Adjustment

Learn how to adjust your electrode positions for optimal performance. The electrode wires are very flexible, yet resilient. If they’re bent or positioned wrong, you can always fix them.

The latest generation has thicker electrodes that are secured into position in a superior way. If any adjustment is necessary on those, simply bend the metal wire of the electrode.