Two US Patents granted.

Exothermic Technologies was recently granted US Patent No. 11,913,760 and 11,953,297, securing our rights to the game-changing features implemented during the development of our portable flamethrowers including the Pulsefire® LRT and Pulsefire® UBF.

The patent covers the core elements of our products’ capabilities and safety, including the instantaneous action of emitting fuel and igniting it using electronic control.

Our “Long Range Torch” was introduced in 2020 as the first truly on-demand handheld flamethrower. By using an arc of electricity to ignite the stream of fuel, users don’t need to rely on finding pressurized butane canisters and getting a pilot torch running like previous systems on the market. As long as you have power and fuel, you’re operational.

The main goal in the development of the Pulsefire lineup was to create the safest way to apply fire at a distance. Having automatic ignition without the need for pressurized fuel canisters was a key part of that design.