UBF Sales Surpass LRT in 2024

With over 48,000 flamethrowers sold to date, Exothermic Technologies has led the industry providing the safest way to apply fire at a distance.

The “Long Range Torch”, or LRT, was introduced in 2020 as the first truly on-demand handheld flamethrower. By using an arc of electricity to ignite the stream of fuel, users don’t need to rely on finding pressurized butane canisters and getting a pilot torch running like previous systems on the market. As long as you have power and fuel, you’re operational.

The fuel reservoir is filled with regular gasoline like any other outdoor tool, and is non-pressurized. An automotive style fuel pump sends that fuel through the nozzle whenever the trigger button (beneath a flip-up safety cover) is pressed. A physical lever-operated valve at the nozzle, acting as a secondary safety, must also be opened before use, and ensures leak-free transport/storage.

Everything is powered by the included, non-proprietary, rechargeable lithium battery. Integrated circuitry automatically cuts power to the trigger when voltage is low and it’s time to recharge or hot-swap a new battery, which is typically after 15-20 tankfuls of fuel. We also have a very popular backpack reservoir accessory which increases capacity to nearly 5 minutes of fuel.

In July 2022, the “Underbarrel Flamethrower”, or UBF, began shipping by the thousands to dealer pre-orders and individual consumers through our website.

With the same 25-foot reach*, the compact UBF configuration maximizes versatility. Capable of being used handheld, mounted to a picatinny equipped device, or even with the Pulsefire Backpack Kit, it may be the best of all worlds, and our sales volume seems to agree.

Diagram of the Pulsefire UBF highlighting the picatinny clamp and handle assembly.


A simple lever activated clamp mounted to the top of the UBF secures the rear handle in any number of positions. It just so happens that the handle assembly uses the MIL-STD-1913 profile. Thus, you can clamp it onto any common picatinny rail.


With a simple male-to-male adapter (included with the backpack kit), you can easily connect the hose from the Pulsefire UBF to the external reservoir, boosting your ability to emit fuel and flames to over 4 minutes.

Diagram of Pulsefire UBF, adapter fitting, and backpack kit hose.

A resurgence in popularity over the last year has led to the UBF impressively meeting and exceeding the quantity of LRT sold during that same period. Various YouTubers and Instagram users have shared how fun the UBF is as an underbarrel attachment, but also a very capable device when it comes to lighting bonfires and applying fire for various needs around your property.

What's the difference between models?

The UBF has a slightly smaller onboard tank, but can be attached to a picatinny rail. Other than that, both perform the same function and have the same capabilities.

Pulsefire® LRT Pulsefire® UBF
Backpack Capable Yes Yes
Picatinny Capable No Yes
CA Compliant Option Yes No
Fuel Capacity 0.35 gal 0.25 gal
Fuel Duration† 27 seconds 20 seconds
Weight 6.0 lb 6.0 lb
Finish Powder coat Powder coat
Color Options OD Green, FDE Black

*25 foot reach is under ideal conditions with standard nozzle installed. The California compliant version of this product contains a fan-type nozzle which is designed and intended to limit any ignited stream’s length to under ten (10) feet to comply with CA regulations at the time of manufacture. This nozzle may only be removed if authorization/license is obtained by the state fire marshal, or if the user is outside of California. †Available fuel emission time may vary with fan-type nozzle installed.

We always say we’re setting the standard and continuing to raise the bar, and it’s true. We take pride in what we do, and strive to provide the best product of its kind paired with the best service. We also back all of our products with a lifetime warranty.

While the flagship Pulsefire LRT and the underbarrel Pulsefire UBF are our primary systems, new products are on the horizon that will satisfy customers interested in smaller and larger offerings. We’re excited to share our products with a wider audience as we continue to grow.